Current Wastelanders are:

  • E.J. Abell

  • Paula Danby

  • Mark Donham

  •  Nancy Flowers

  • Juanita Neal Gilliam

  • Jason Hargrove

  • LaNelle Mason

  • Sandra Pfeifer

  • Jane Viterisi

  • Ben Walker

  • Curtis Grace

  • Toney Little

  see Gallery page for work examples

The Paducah Wastelanders are a group of artists from the region in and around Paducah, Kentucky.  The group was founded in 2007 by a group of Paducah area artists.  Paducah Wastelanders formed before the advent of  the “Artist Relocation Program”, a program the city promoted to renovate the old Lowertown area of Paducah into an artists’ community. 

An important leader in formation of the group was the late Sarah Roush. 

Sarah was a visionary artist who was at the forefront of renovation of

the historic Market House Square, and is noticed every day by people in downtown Paducah through her colorful handmade ceramic tile facades that she created and installed on two buildings in downtown Paducah. 

Sarah provided the exhibition space for the first 4 years of Wastelander exhibitions.

Since the passing of Sarah, we have lost two other important members, Jerry Watson, and Kristi Hanson.  Jerry was an accomplished painter.  There is more information regarding Jerry below.  Kristi was well known for her gourd sculptures and paintings.  She worked tirelessly to help the Wastelanders succeed.  We continue in our work in honor of their lives and contribution to the visual arts in our community.

The Wastelanders have exhibited on New Year’s eve and on the Summer Solstice since 2007—exhibitions that feature new work.  The Wastelanders have also featured guest artists from the region in every show.  

  • We have lost Sarah Roush, Jerry Watson, and Kristi Hanson all to cancer, but the group has continued to work and exhibit.   

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