The Paducah Wastelanders are a group of artists from the region in and around Paducah, Kentucky.  The group was founded in 2007 by a group of Paducah area artists which preceded the “Artist Relocation Program” and the attempts by the city to renovate the old Lowertown area of Paducah into an artists’ community. 


An important leader in formation of the group was the late Sarah Roush.  Sarah was a visionary artist who was at the forefront of renovation of the historic Market House Square, and is noticed every day by people in downtown Paducah through her colorful handmade ceramic tile facades that she created and installed on two buildings in downtown Paducah.  Sarah provided the exhibition space for the first 4 years of Wastelander exhibitions.


The Wastelanders have exhibited on New Year’s eve and on the Summer Solstice since 2007—exhibitions that feature new work.  The Wastelanders have also featured guest artists from the region in every show. 


We lost Sarah Roush to cancer in 2010, but the group has continued to work and exhibit.  Current Wastelanders are:

E.J. Abell, David Brown, Paula Danby, Mark Donham, Nancy Flowers,  Juanita Gilliam, Kristi Hanson, Jason Hargrove, LaNelle Mason,  Jane Viterisi, Ben Walker

                                                                 "Circus Lady" painting by Sarah Roush



 In 2014 we lost member Jerry Watson.  Jerry was a highly acclaimed and widely exhibited painter who invented and perfected a style of painting that became known as “hard-edged” painting.   This style took cityscapes and building interiors and painted each corner, object, color and shape as if it were cut out with a razor knife.  Shadows were prominent.   Often, but not always, in the middle of this sharp-edged scene, an object, such as a broom, would be there leaning against a pole or wall or hanging.  This object usually had color and softness to contrast with the brash opposites of light and color he saw in these scenes.  The scenes were painted to perfection.  He showed never ending support for the visual arts in Paducah.  Jerry and work will always be a great inspiration to all of us.

This painting, of an interior room in the Johnson Brokerage building in Paducah, where Jerry maintained a studio for years with fellow Paducah painter the late Bob Evans, is the largest painting ever completed by Jerry.  It measures 4 feet x 6 feet and is privately owned.   This is a good example of his hard edged style.